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The Importance of Business to Business Marketing

Business to business marketing, or “B to B marketing” as it is sometimes referred to in the business sector, is the term used to refer to the marketing of either products or services to other companies or other businesses within the industry. The idea behind this element of marketing is to develop and promote products in a way that is beneficial to both parties. The practice of Business business marketing occurs more often than you may be aware. Some companies manufacture products and sell them directly, but most companies at least sell to distributors who then sell their products as retail. This is the most common form of business-to-business marketing that occurs within industries. However, just as important is the strategy of marketing a product directly to another business for their personal use. The key to succeeding in either of these steps of marketing is truly presenting an offer that is attractive to both you and the other business.

When a company manufactures a new product, decisions must be made regarding how to market the product within that industry. Unless the company plans to sell only directly to consumers through a website or store, the manufacturer must find a distributor who is willing to buy the products and sell them. These operations within an industry are a form of business-to-business marketing. To do this effectively, the manufacturer must produce a quality product that consumers are willing to buy as well as present a clear picture of the advantages that carrying their product will give to a distributor. Most distributors will not be willing to purchase and sell a product for retail without some proof from the manufacturer that the product is popular among consumers. Finding distributors is a time-consuming process for manufacturers. Research must be conducted regarding the demographic of customers who frequently shop at the location and their likelihood of buying the product. Making the right decision in finding distributors is important to both the retail distributors and the manufacturers. If a poor decision is made, the manufacturer is also affected since time was spent on a business relationship that may not prove to be fruitful, and products were not placed in locations where they could be sold.

Marketing between different businesses is the less common version of business-to-business marketing, although this strategy is being used more frequently today than in the past. In some ways, this is similar to marketing to consumers, because the business is the consumer. However, there are some important differences between selling directly to another business and marketing to consumers. When marketing to consumers, the manufacturer typically advertises a general product and attempts to attract the attention of consumers, waiting for those who are interested to make contact. When marketing directly to a business, however, the burden lies with the manufacturer to present a case to the business manager, proving why the product will be beneficial. The practice of developing products directly by use for other businesses rather than the general public is becoming increasingly common.

Marketing Myths to Avoid

Small businesses have all the chances to get more customers than they can handle. It only takes being cunning and savvy when it comes to marketing. There have been numerous excuses why small businesses are not too keen on investing in marketing. And the marketing myths that circulate do not help the case at all. Learn to decipher the myths and separate them from the truth so you can have a better understanding of why marketing is still great for business.

Senior Citizens Don’t Dig Social Media

Really? So why 52 percent of baby boomers and 32 percent of senior citizens are using social media according to a 2012 survey conducted by Pew Research Center? Building relationships mean that you need to go where the action is. Facebook is the most preferred social media among seniors and baby boomers. Who knows they are just waiting for the right kind of business that will titillate their fancy?

A Mobile Website is Not Fit for SMEs

Mobile devices are outselling traditional desktops and even laptops. This means that people are going more mobile when they connect to the Internet. Not having a mobile website takes away the opportunity for your small or medium enterprise to get more customers. Deploying websites that can respond to various screens mean that you have a wider footprint to cover and more opportunities to make that pitch to your potential customer.

Email Marketing is Dead

Saying email marketing is dead is far from the truth. It just got rebooted. A healthy and legally sourced mailing list should be a potent weapon for your business’s marketing strategy as long you have an effective content plan. Having an audience is one thing and something to talk about is another. Creating catchy subject lines and effective calls to action is one great swing for that homerun.

Lower Prices Mean More Sales

If that myth is true then nobody would care about having a Volvo and everyone would be driving a Hyundai. Buyers will always have something in mind and they often go for products that they believe will give them more value for money. This is where marketing comes into play. Providing customers the reasons why they should buy your products despite the price is the Holy Grail of marketers. Knowing the reasons why your product has to cost a hefty amount will reduce much of the anxiety on your part when trying to sell anything.

Marketing is About Advertising

Probably you are getting things mixed up if you think that way. Marketing is the art and science of educating people why your product is great compared with the competition. Advertising is the medium where you deliver your message to the customers. What you come up with marketing are the things that you show in your advertising.

Marketing is the method of telling a blind man what is the color of the sky. You try to convince someone to buy your product because they need it. Learning how to do marketing will benefit your business with tons of sales and eventually shore up your bottom line. Getting up close and personal with marketing is the surest way to stay afloat and even win over the competition.

Promotional Products as a Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Promotional products are everywhere and there are none more popular and effective for any marketing strategy than the promotional pen. When attending a trade show, the decision to give away promotional pens will be one of the best you can make due to them being useful, functional, and easy to carry around. Cheap customized pens, with your company logo, can be obtained in bulk at very low prices and they are a very effective marketing strategy that every business should consider using.

A promotional pen can be fun and cheap or stylish and expensive. Promotional items are very easy to find online and can be purchased and delivered within a short space of time, just type in ‘promotional products’ into a search engine and select a website that suits your needs. Select the items you like, pay, and they will be sent to you. The process is very simple.

If you want an elegant pen that screams quality, engrave a top brand such as promotional Parker pens, Waterman, or Quill and impress. If you are looking for something less expensive, then any metal-style pen can be as effective.

Integrating promotional pens into your advertising strategy is money well spent, it’s a reasonably priced way to help any business to promote and raise brand awareness. They cost practically nothing to produce in comparison to many other promotional items on the market and can be purchased with just a small percentage of your advertising budget and you receive such value for money. The returns you will gain are worth it.

Anyone with prior knowledge of marketing strategies can tell you that promotional pens are a powerful tool, both economical and successful in raising brand awareness.

Most people carry a pen around with them whether it is in their handbag or their pocket, they are invariably needed at some point during the day, even if you use a computer at your desk all day a pen still comes in handy and is much easier to carry around! Imagine every time your potential client needs to use a pen they see your logo printed on it, this will act as a constant trigger to their memory and is great visibility for your product market.

You will have many different styles and ranges of stylish pens to choose from. Desk pens are popular and can be matched up with several other attractive promotional products such as a desk clock, notepads, or desk blotters. There are gift pen sets, business logo pens, and advertising pens available. Metallic pens are very stylish, as are ink pens and ballpoint pens can be fun and a novelty. There are gel pens, fashionable styles, elegant and classy, pencils and highlighters, there are pens to fit every event and client.

An effective giveaway for your next tradeshow could be some colorful and fun highlighter pens? The education market is another good place to distribute these and they are cheap and cheerful and will surely be of use. Silly pens can be perfect giveaways at fundraising events or as conversational pieces. Some pens introduce new novel ideas and looks that will be very successful in getting your message across, and your logo seen and remembered. Pens can also be laser engraved with your message.

Calendars and planners are another good seller and come in a variety of styles and designs. You can purchase anything from a traditional business-style weekly planner to a planner that has a gold-tone laser engraved plate on the front cover with elegant and richly decorated front covers. These types of gifts will ensure your message or company logo remains on your customers’ wall all through the year. This is well worth the money spent. No other advertising product delivers a return-on-investment like a custom imprinted wall calendar. Another smart and chick gift idea is a calendar wallet business card, with a calendar on one side and your business details printed on the other. The calendar card can be customized with your business card printed on one side and a calendar on the other that is perfect for anyone to slip inside their wallet.

Promotional products and gifts are a good way to show your gratitude to existing or potential customers, you will at the same time boost your company image whilst enhancing a person’s perception of your company.