Tennis Betting Tipster | 21 Years of Expert Predictions

This hidden and discerning tennis betting tipster group, have a winning and trackable record that goes back to 1999. That means they have been smashing the competition for over 21 years, which is no mean feat. So how have they managed to do this?

In a previous lifetime, the founding members of the group were all successful Foreign Exchange traders. This is where you bet on different currencies, and how they perform against each other. The 80+ tools that were originally used in this trading environment were then tweaked to fit tennis betting, and the rest is history.

More on this later…

So, if you are a massive fan of tennis, or don’t even know which way the bat is held;) you can start to make wonderful profits from this from the luxury of home.

The US Open

So How Does This Tennis Betting Tipster Website Work?

Once inside, you’ll discover that this is so much more than just being a Tennis expert one. The above-mentioned tools and strategies have been used on a whole range of different international sports, to massive effect. There are currently over two hundred winning systems that you can choose from, across all of the sports.

If you are short of time then all you need to do is logon, see the day’s picks and bets, and place those with your bookie accordingly. You should be in-and-out within minutes.

If you want to teach yourself to pick winning tennis matches on your own, then this is the other option for your membership. These tools and strategies have been simplified, and are easy and fun to use.

For either of the above, there is an active Facebook Group that is there to help out if needed. Lots of people around the world are already making a full-time income from this, so learning directly from these people is priceless, and worth the membership fee alone.

The Australian Open

Why do so many tennis betting tipsters fail?

The first tennis betting system I tried, basically just taught to bet on the favorites. This definitely does not work over the long-run, and your betting bank slowly erodes away. The problem with this strategy is that there is not enough value in a lot of the tennis matches, when the odds are stacked in the favorite’s favor. In addition to this there are always some big upsets that occur, making your losses even worse.

In tennis, even the ex-pros tend not to get their picks right most of the time. The main reason for this is they are calling their matches based on emotion. Or, they get some secondhand info, which never ends well.

The solution for both of the above is to remove emotion completely. In our winning systems, all tennis matches are then run through all of the tools to find those ones with the most value, and then trade from there. This is vital, but achievable. Actually, when it comes to placing tennis bets, no-one in the group likes to gamble. The systems and tools are doing the all heavy lifting

That is why this tennis tipster site is so successful: the systems can be plugged into various sports, and continue to produce results like a metronome.

Is Tennis Offered Year Round?

For tennis lovers, the good news is that this is an International, 12-month service.

Is This a Paid Service?

This is a superior tennis betting service and has a high(ish) payment, so is not for everyone. However, you have the ability to start making money with this quickly. It really is something that you can implement easily.

 As mentioned, thousands of others around the world are already making a fulltime living from this. In a lot of countries, the receipts on tennis betting are tax-free, so the membership will certainly pay for itself. Plus, when compared to other online courses or physical businesses, this is a steal. New Balls Please !!

If you are still worried, and want to try it out, there is a 2-month, money- back guarantee. There is no risk at all really.

If you want to find out more, click here:

The French Open Tennis Betting Tipster

In Conclusion – Tennis Betting Tipster

If you are looking for a genuine way to make money doing something fun then this is a wonderful opportunity. As long as you follow the guidelines and training, you should see similar results that everyone else is getting.

There are hundreds of normal people, from all walks of life and different nationalities, who are making a full-time income from this. Plus, there is a very active community and Facebook Group that you will be invited to get involved in. This is invaluable.

The group has been winning for years.

Remember that your membership comes with a no-fuss,  sixty day, money-back guarantee. That is how confident these guys are in their ability to deliver on their promises.

Start now!

Even though these are expert tennis tipsters, who know what they are doing, please only use money you can afford to lose. This service should be massively enjoyable and there to enhance your life, not ruin it, through over-betting or gambling.

On this point, there is a cool tool that will calculate your recommended bet size, based on the size of your bank, plus your attitude to risk. Your welfare is thought about whenever you choose to bet, so we have your back in that regard.

The ball is in your court!