Marketing Myths to Avoid

Small businesses have all the chances to get more customers than they can handle. It only takes being cunning and savvy when it comes to marketing. There have been numerous excuses why small businesses are not too keen on investing in marketing. And the marketing myths that circulate do not help the case at all. Learn to decipher the myths and separate them from the truth so you can have a better understanding of why marketing is still great for business.

Senior Citizens Don’t Dig Social Media

Really? So why 52 percent of baby boomers and 32 percent of senior citizens are using social media according to a 2012 survey conducted by Pew Research Center? Building relationships mean that you need to go where the action is. Facebook is the most preferred social media among seniors and baby boomers. Who knows they are just waiting for the right kind of business that will titillate their fancy?

A Mobile Website is Not Fit for SMEs

Mobile devices are outselling traditional desktops and even laptops. This means that people are going more mobile when they connect to the Internet. Not having a mobile website takes away the opportunity for your small or medium enterprise to get more customers. Deploying websites that can respond to various screens mean that you have a wider footprint to cover and more opportunities to make that pitch to your potential customer.

Email Marketing is Dead

Saying email marketing is dead is far from the truth. It just got rebooted. A healthy and legally sourced mailing list should be a potent weapon for your business’s marketing strategy as long you have an effective content plan. Having an audience is one thing and something to talk about is another. Creating catchy subject lines and effective calls to action is one great swing for that homerun.

Lower Prices Mean More Sales

If that myth is true then nobody would care about having a Volvo and everyone would be driving a Hyundai. Buyers will always have something in mind and they often go for products that they believe will give them more value for money. This is where marketing comes into play. Providing customers the reasons why they should buy your products despite the price is the Holy Grail of marketers. Knowing the reasons why your product has to cost a hefty amount will reduce much of the anxiety on your part when trying to sell anything.

Marketing is About Advertising

Probably you are getting things mixed up if you think that way. Marketing is the art and science of educating people why your product is great compared with the competition. Advertising is the medium where you deliver your message to the customers. What you come up with marketing are the things that you show in your advertising.

Marketing is the method of telling a blind man what is the color of the sky. You try to convince someone to buy your product because they need it. Learning how to do marketing will benefit your business with tons of sales and eventually shore up your bottom line. Getting up close and personal with marketing is the surest way to stay afloat and even win over the competition.